About Us

Jeff and Stacy Robins are the owners and pharmacists at Essential Wellness Pharmacy. Jeff and Stacy are known as the pharmacists who do not like drugs. Western medications, of course, are appropriate for many medical problems. However, in America, 70% of illness is preventable through lifestyle changes and living life mindfully. Jeff, Stacy, and the staff at Essential Wellness Pharmacy help their patients make positive and life-changing decisions about their health. Through education, support, nutritional support and compounding, the team at Essential Wellness Pharmacy can help you achieve you personal health goals.

Jeff was born and raised in Peoria, and is thrilled to be serving the Peoria area. He has always strived to help people by looking at the whole health picture, and working to solve problems, not just treating the symptoms. Jeff is continually researching new therapies, treatments, and working with all health care providers to supply what each patient needs on an individual basis.

Jeff has received the award for Most Innovative Practice, a national award sponsored by the Illinois Pharmacists Association, which recognizes pharmacist that step out of the box and offer new approaches to health care.

He has also received the Mankind Project's Seven Generations Award for serving the community in a way that will affect it for seven generations in the future.

Stacy was born outside of Chicago, and met Jeff in pharmacy school at U of I in Chicago. In addition to practicing pharmacy, she also is a Neuro-muscular Massage therapist. She concentrated on sports-related issues, and hard to solve problems. She has taught NMT certification classes around the Midwest, under Doug Nelson of NMT Midwest. Stacy brings her vast knowledge of the body, nutrition, and medications to help patients make the best choices for their health and wellness.

Jeff and Stacy are compassionate listeners and talented healthcare professionals, who look forward to caring for you and helping you co-create your healthiest and happiest life. Call them today to set up a free fifteen minute health and wellness or bio-identical hormone consultation.