The Importance of High Quality Supplements

As a result of our busy lifestyles and the decreasing quality of our nation’s food supply, today’s diets are often depleted of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other important nutrients. That’s why the Journal of the American Medical Association now recommends that all adults take a multivitamin. Unlike foods, high-quality nutritional supplements provide consistent levels of vitamins and minerals.

But be cautious! Not all supplements are created equal. There are significant differences in quality and formulation within supplements. Even products whose supplement facts look the same when compared, they can be miles apart in their actual effectiveness.

At Essential Wellness Pharmacy, we carry supplements that are made from the highest-grade ingredients and in the most bio-available forms. That means your body is actually absorbing the ingredients, and the nutrients will make it to your bloodstream! Our products also are designed for even the most chemically sensitive individuals and are free of allergens, binders, fillers, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, starch, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, soy or dairy.

What’s more, we offer physician-strength products that are consistent with clinical studies and clinical experience, and meet the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. We also carry hard-to-find supplements.

Make an appointment today with one of our pharmacists for a wellness consultation to discuss your supplement needs!