How come I have never heard of a pharmacy like yours before?

Most retail, chain pharmacies are non-compounding pharmacies. They do not make their own medications, but rather are supplied by large drug companies. We specialize in medication that is not commercially available, specialty dosing, bio-identical hormone replacement, hospice care, veterinarian and pediatric medication and pain management.

There are a limited number of independent pharmacies that still prepare compounded medications, in addition to offering the same non-compounded and over-the-counter drugs that patients can obtain from regular pharmacies. Because the medications that compounding pharmacies prepare are not able to be patented, most consumers may not have even been aware of the option of a compounded medication!

Some may not have noticed the resurgence of pharmaceutical compounding in recent years. However, prescription compounding is a rapidly growing component of many physicians’ practices. Ask your physician about compounding and get in touch with Essential Wellness Pharmacy to find out what can be done to meet your prescription needs.