The thyroid gland regulates metabolism in every cell of the body. A deficiency of thyroid hormones, which often goes undiagnosed, can impact virtually all aspects of health. Some symptoms of hypothyroidism include: fatigue, dry skin/hair, swelling, low libido, muscle aches, depression, anxiety, weight gain, irritability, hair loss, memory loss and swollen neck. Approximately 10 million Americans have this common medical condition.

The thyroid gland uses iodine (mostly available from the diet in foods such as seafood, organic vegetables, and iodized salt) to produce thyroid hormones. The two most important thyroid hormones are thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which account for 99% and 1% of thyroid hormones present in the blood respectively. However, the hormone with the most biological activity is T3. Once released from the thyroid gland into the blood, a large amount of T4 is converted into T3 – the active hormone that affects the metabolism of cells. Most practitioners just prescribe synthetic T4 (Synthroid, Levoxyl, or levothyroxine) for hypothyroidism. But that works only if the patient has no difficulty converting T4 into T3.

Armour™, Nature-Throid™ and NP Throid™ are drugs that provide BOTH T4 and T3 thyroid hormones, instead of just providing T4, as levothyroxine sodium drugs like Synthroid do. Many patients have benefited greatly form these products. This is especially true for patients who have difficulty converting T4 to T3.

At Essential Wellness Pharmacy, we compound only with bio-identical Thyroid U.S.P certified powder. Because there are many degrees of this disease from very mild to very severe, we can blend T4 and T3 powders for individualized strengths. Some patients are more sensitive to dosage changes with the manufactured products since they are available in specific strengths.  Through compounding, we can make much smaller dosage changes to avoid side effects associated with larger changes in dosage.  We also offer sustained release formulas, making the hormones available to the body throughout the day. Ask your practitioner if this may be an option for you.

Supplements for Thyroid Health

There are a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are necessary for thyroid health. Please call the pharmacy for a complete list of these and other important supplements to assist in thyroid function.


Iodine deficiency is the most common cause of hypothyroidism due to a dietary insufficiency in the Western diet. It is an essential mineral necessary for thyroid health and function. It is a major component of both T3 and T4. It forms part of the thyroid hormones, which influence development, growth, and metabolism.


Selenium is a vitally important mineral to those suffering from Hypothyroidism because it is needed to convert the Thyroid hormone T4 (Thyroxine) in to the more active T3 (Triiodothyronine).

Tyrosine (L-Tyrosine)

Tyrosine is the amino acid that is necessary to produce T4. It helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and along with Iodine, is a vital component of Thyroid hormones. Our bodies can produce some Tyrosine, but it is also available from foods sources such as chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, eggs, beans, and oats.


Many individuals with hypothyroidism exhibit low levels of Zinc. It is involved in the process that converts inactive hormone (T4) Thyroxine into active hormone (T3) Triiodothyronine. Zinc is not stored in the body and must be replenished regularly.

Vitamin D

Too little circulating Vitamin D may hinder the body’s ability to produce and regulate thyroid hormones. A lack of Vitamin D is associated with lower levels of T4.

Call our pharmacist today to set up a Wellness Consultation to see if we have a combination supplement that is right for you!