• Bill Kalman

    Bill Kalman was born in Rock Island, IL and grew up in a small town south of Moline called Orion. Bill has been a pharmacist in the Peoria area since his graduation in 1990. Bill's father is also a pharmacist who owned an independent pharmacy in Orion for almost 20 years! Bill was inspired to become a pharmacist from watching the close personal care his father gave to each individual patient. Bill has followed that model every day to give personalized compassionate care to each of his patients to solve health problems by looking at whole picture instead of just treating the symptoms. Bill will work with you and your health care provider to individualize your treatment to heal as naturally as possible.

  • Monica Kalman

    Monica was born in Benld, IL and met Bill while working together at CVS Pharmacy in the Peoria area. Monica shares the same passion as Bill to give personalized compassionate health care to each individual patient. In addition to helping Bill run the show at Essential Wellness Pharmacy, Monica works as a pharmacist at Greentree Pharmacy in Minonk, IL. Monica has been in the Peoria area since her graduation in 1999. Monica married Bill in 2002. Bill and Monica live in Germantown Hills and are the parents of two children, Helaina and Hunter.