At Essential Wellness Pharmacy, we want to be your best friend’s best friend. You see, we are all pet lovers. We have the privilege of caring for dogs, cats, horses, birds, snakes, lizards and fish.  We know that a pet is not just an animal, but is an important and loved part of the family.  We know when your pet is ill, you as a care giver, can be upset and fearful.  That is why we treat you and your pet with the utmost care and respect.

Just like you, animals are individual and unique. Not all commercially available medicines are appropriate for your pet. They often do not come in the proper dose and need to be individualized for your animal. Custom medication compounding allows you to give your pet the exact dose they need in a form that works best for you and your pet.

We want to take the stress out of medicating your pet so you can go back to being best friends.  We prepare flavored suspensions or treats to help the medicine go down — and with dozens of flavors to choose from, it’s sure to be in the most delightful way! We have worked with various flavors from tuna to tutti-frutti and everything in between! A readily accepted medication can improve clinical outcomes and reduce stress for both the patients and the owners.

If the animal is unable to take an oral medication or is just plain finicky, we can compound the medication into other dosage forms such as

  • Trans Dermal Gels (in pre-filled dosing syringes) that are absorbed through the skin when applied to the animal’s ear or shaved area.
  • Tasty Chewable Treats
  • “Itty Bitty” Chews
  • Flavored Suspensions
  • Oral Pastes

We are dedicated to assisting your veterinarian in developing safe and effective options for your animals’ hard to solve needs. Essential Wellness Pharmacy has extensive experience formulating pharmaceutical prescriptions to enhance the treatment of veterinary patients.