Our Story

Essential Wellness is proud to be serving the Central Illinois area since 2009!

Essential Wellness Pharmacy is known as the pharmacy that doesn’t like drugs. Traditional Western medications are appropriate to treat many medical problems and diseases. However, in America, up to 70% of illness may be preventable through lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, supplementation, and living life mindfully. Owner Bill Kalman, nurse Laurie Fahrner, and the rest of the team at Essential Wellness Pharmacy help their patients and families make positive life changing decisions about their health. Through education, support, vitamin and nutritional supplementation, and compounded medication, our team is trained to help you achieve your personal health goals!

Bill Kalman is the owner and head pharmacist at Essential Wellness Pharmacy. Essential Wellness was opened in 2009 by Jeff and Stacy Robins as a culmination of Jeff’s hard work and vision to bring an integrated, holistic, functional medicine pharmacy to the Peoria area. Bill joined the Essential Wellness team in 2013.  Since joining, Bill has continued the store’s dedication to personalized health care through his compassion to work with you and your practitioners alike in support of his goal to “Guide Central Illinois to health and wellness – one patient at a time.”  Bill is a talented and knowledgeable health care professional, who looks forward to helping you co-create your healthiest and happiest life!