Antiviral Patient Protocol

Covid-19 Virus

Here is our Antiviral Patient Protocol! We’ve attached the associated clinical evidence with each item. If you have any questions please give a us a call or send us an email! Let us help you stay healthy!

Alternative Antiviral Protocol

  • Vitamin D3 50001 capsule daily
    • Decreases replication of viruses.
    • Therapeutic dose resulted in 42% decrease in infection in studies.
  • Metagenics Immune Active – 2 capsules daily
    • Contains zinc, quercetin, vitamin C
  • Humic-Monolaurin Complex – 2 capsules 2-3x daily
    • Humic acid binds to viruses even after it has attached to a cell surface removing it from the cell body.
    • Monolaurin inactivates the lipid-coat preventing viruses from attaching to cells.