How to Utilize CBD

How to Utilize CBD 

  • CBD should always start with a low dose that is taken twice per day for about week.
    • If the desired results are not found after the first 7 days then increase your dose.
    • For Example:
      • If starting with 0.3mL 2x per day then increase to 0.5mL 2x per day.
      • If using 0.5mL then increase to 0.7mL and so on.
      • Continue to increase weekly. Call our pharmacy (309-681-8850) for dosage help!
  • The best way to utilize CBD oil is to put it directly into the mouth and let it sit in the mouth for about 60-90 seconds.
    • Avoid eatting or drinking anything for about 30 minutes after.
    • By using this method, the CBD will absorb sublingually, increasing the absorption of the CBD.
  • Never feel afraid to increase, there has never been a case of fatal overdose with any type of cannabis or hemp.
  • CBD Interactions and Cytochrome P450 enzymes.

    • CBD does interact with the majority of prescription medications.

    • Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

  • CBD or any type of cannabis therapy is very different than your standard types of medication.
    • A smaller dosage may give you more benefit than taking a larger dosage. This is the reason we recommend starting with smaller dosages.
  • Once cannabinoids build up in your system you will find that you no longer need to take it as frequently.
  • Topical CBD can be beneficial for localized affected areas
  • Sublingual CBD Oil is more beneficial for gastrointestinal symptoms and systemically.
  • Vaping CBD Oil is most beneficial systemically.
  • CBD Capsules are available however CBD is poorly absorbed in the gut. It is more often recommended to use inconjunction with other forms of CBD such as the topical, oil, or vape.
  • Please visit the following website for great information and to stay up to date with the CBD industry.

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