Importance of Vitamin D

Importance of Vitamin D

Importance of Vitamin D

Studies continue to show the importance of Vitamin D as a vital component in our well-being. At normal serum levels of Vitamin D, it has shown to yield significant improvements in our immune function, mental health, the growth of bone, and much more. Patients are at a higher risk for numerous health complications with lower levels of Vitamin D. “The implications of vitamin D deficiency on the immune system have become clearer in recent years and in the context of vitamin D deficiency, there appears to be an increased susceptibility to infection and a diathesis..” (Aranow, 2011). There are two separate studies linking Vitamin D deficiencies and the lowered survival rate of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma and solid tumor cancer. Just another reason to make sure you’re getting your Vitamin D. However, it is always important to have your levels checked with your healthcare provider before starting any supplementation. These tests can help guide you to the correct dosage and ensure safety. Read the articles below to learn more about how Vitamin D plays critical roles for cancer patients, depression, and also in our normal immune functions! If you have any questions send us an email or give us a call at 309-681-8850.

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