“Prenatal antidepressant use and risk of autism” says the British Medical Journal.

An article posted BMJ states there’s a link between Anti-depressants during pregnancy and Autism.

“Their ┬ástudy adds to at least 15 research studies in the US, Canada, and the Nordic countries, as well as meta-analyses since 2010, that investigated the risk of autism spectrum disorder associated with maternal use of antidepressants during pregnancy. The unanswered question about the role of confounding by underlying maternal psychiatric illness in the observed association between maternal antidepressant use and autism prompted Rai and colleagues to apply three different analytical approaches designed to strengthen causal inference in observational studies with potential unmeasured confounding: propensity score matching, discordant sibling matching, and paternal negative control analysis. The authors observed about a 50% increased risk of autism associated with antidepressant use across the main regression analysis and the three refined analyses, although as sample sizes declined in some of the more refined analyses, so did precision and significance of the corresponding risk estimates. Intriguingly, in another innovative step of estimation of risk separately for autism with or without concurrent intellectual disability, increased risk associated with antidepressant use seemed to be confined to the phenotypic subgroup without concurrent intellectual disability.”

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