Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) linked to increased stroke

Medscape recently reported on a Danish Nationwide  Observational Study which showed a correlation between increased doses of PPI’s and in ischemic strokes.

Sue Hughes from Medscape goes on to say “The researchers, led by Thomas Sehested, MD, Danish Heart Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark, note that their findings add to a growing body of evidence linking PPIs with cardiovascular disease.He reported that preclinical studies have shown PPIs reduce the production of nitric oxide leading to endothelial dysfunction, and several observational clinical studies have linked their use to cardiovascular disease. “But to our knowledge, this is the first study to look at the effect of PPI drugs on ischemic stroke.” “Our results should be regarded as preliminary as they come from an observational study which has not yet been published,” Dr Sehested commented to Medscape Medical News, “but I think we can say this study adds to the evidence questioning the cardiovascular safety of PPIs. “He says the evidence is not yet strong enough to support stopping use of PPI drugs if they are needed. “However, we would recommend that people should not take these drugs unless there is a clear indication for them,’ he said. “Many people are taking them unnecessarily or they are continuing to take them long-term when they don’t need to. I would urge doctors to review their patients on PPIs and look at why they are taking these drugs and consider whether they really need them or if they could take a lower dose.”

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