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Manuka Honey jar 8.8oz

Manuka Honey 8.8oz

Manuka honey comes from a manuka bush that is commonly found in Australia or New Zealand. This honey contains large amounts of methylglyoxal (MG). MG can be found in many other types of honey, but typically in much smaller quantities in comparison to manuka honey. MG itself is known for its antibacterial component. Medicinal honey research has recently grown substantially because of its ability to produce antibacterial effects in multiple case reports and reliable studies.

There is promising evidence for medicinal use of manuka honey to shorten healing time for wounds such as mild burns or surgical wounds. It is also marketed for use of preventing and treating cancer, reducing high cholesterol, reducing inflammation inside the body, treating eye, ear and sinus infections, and treating GI problems. However, evidence is limited on whether it works for the following conditions.

Manuka honey for burns.

We now offer Manuka honey in our store and our online store.